Hitman or derlin severe?

Which do you think plays better? 5a? Grinds? Big one: stability? Speed? Thanks.

Also, they are both unresponsive and take silicone, right?

Which version of the Hitman do you mean? The OG, Pro, or X?

I’ll find out. Thanks.

Delrin Severe hands down, no question. The end. Get the Delrin Severe.

Alright ill do that andy.

Second question! How much is a bumblebee GT worth? It is the black and yellow version.

Oh and it is the newest version of the hitman- which one is that?

Hitman X. Delrin Severe still dominates though… faster, lighter, floatier, funner. Plus it has low walls for horizontal. Grinds are good too because its delrin

K i’m trading for the severe! I hope I like it! If I don’t i’ll just trade it haha.

I think you’ll like it. The Severe is the funnest plastic I’ve ever played. Also the 2nd best playing JUST behind the Rally. But The Severe has more character than the Rally…

I miss mine :-\

Hitman x is supposed to be good at grinds, you know, JD, but I don’t know about the wall and horizontal.

I’ve never tried the severe, sounds nice.

It does sound great! I’m excited.

What spacer system does the severe use?

YYF Spacers? What else? :smiley:

Same as your protostar

Awwwww I was hoping for something with no spacers like the onestar. Not enough to stop the trade though.

Oops, my bad, I’m pretty sure the delrin severe doesn’t have spacers…


If you don’t like it hit me up. Dead serious.

Ok I’ll remember that thanks!