Delrin Severe vs. Shaqler star

I was looking into them and I want your thoughts.

Well shaqlerstar is a north star its pretty good and the severe is not in production anymore but its also really good I prefer it more its more fun


I prefer the severe, it grinds muuucchh better, is lighter and is more fun to play imo

Yup, severe all the way. I owned the shaw before at the same time as i owned my severe. Still have the severe because I liked it a lot more.

Definitely Severe. Not quite as stable as the Shaqlerstar but stable enough, grinds heaps better and has a bit more bounce to it in play.


WHAT. Really??? How is the Delrin Severe going to discontinue before the dv888…

I don’t have a Shaq or a Northstar but I have 2 protostars and had a Delrin Severe. I MUCH prefer the Severe over the protostar. It has a LOT of character, funnest plastic I’ve ever played. IT plays amazing too, and it’s great at grinds and horizontal.

Before the Rally came out, the Delrin Severe was THE plastic yoyo to beat. Everytime someone asked for a plastic recommendation the majority would always be Delrin Severe.

I have a Rally and I still think the Severe is better. The rally might play a tad better but the Severe is just so much more fun.

Probably because the DV888 is part of the main product line while the Delrin Severe was part of the limited Champion’s Collection.


the severe just restocked :o