Delrin Severe or DV888

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Anyhow I didn’t care for either, but the Delrin Severe was the much better of the two. I have a dv888, which is nice and all, but it’s a heavy player. The delrin Severe I also didn’t care for but I felt played far above it’s selling point.

Agree with everything he said^^^^^^^^^^

Delrin severe

If you want another yoyo, get a Delrin Severe, if you are looking for a first metal or don’t have one get the DV888.

You really have to find out, do you like metal or delrin? Heavy or light? Long spin times? Do you care about vibe? Do you like stable? Do you lime Supernova shape? Do you like Center Trac or Spec bearing?

Just take a look at the two and see rich fits your preferences.