YoYoJoker Trancer and other large delrin


I was looking at this and the halo… Any thoughts…?


Check out the Zeekio Zenith! For less than $30, that’s the best delrin you can get. Plays a lot like the Code 1!


The Antagonist looks cool, there’s also Landon Balk who makes his own plastics and I hear they play quite well.


I love Landon’s work… I think the weight was the only thing… I was looking for something lighter and a little more organic… I have to look at his site again…


C3 Halo is my favorite delrin of all time. Lovely organic shape. Nice response too.


Top Yo Cloud; is my favorite Delrin.


Crazy D is my all time favorite delrin

I’ve heard great things about the Views Sunshine as well