Good delrin yoyos?

I’m looking for delrin yoyos. I bought a C3 Halo a long long time ago and I just really like the feel of it. I’m wondering if anybody knows of any really nice delrin’s. I prefer not to have any metal rings but If it’s really good, I’ll go for it. Preferably looking for something unique. Undersized is a plus ;D Thanks!

Yoyomonster antagonist? It’s a delrin version of the agonist, their flagship model.

not sold on yoyoexpert, and I couldnt find a place to buy it anywhere

The YoyoJoker Trancer is one of the most fun yoyos i’ve ever played. Also being able to change the bearing and gap with the Yoyojoker EX system is awesome. All of the EX yoyos are amazing. You might have to buy overseas, but they really are nice.

you could try this store

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Best delrin I’ve ever played

I’ve been playing a Zeekio Zenith for the last three weeks straight. Except for a session with a Benchmark H. It’s a great delrin. Plays somewhere between a nessie and a code one.