This is an interesting article on the history of yoyo.


The cast iron yoyo would be interesting to try. Also, I’ve never heard of the trick “The Telephone Ring”.

The cast iron ones called Hy-Lo’s are actually referred to as a bandalore since they were made in the late teens through the early 20’s before the term YO-YO was given. 3 of the Hy-Lo’s in my collection have original strings and iron finger rings still attached! The others Have replacements attached and yes I’ve been known to toss them from time to time…you’d be surprised how WELL they play!

If you like that history write up, then you should read Lucky’s…I think it’s a little more conclusive:

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Thanks for the link.
Concerning your cast iron, do you need to oil it? I would think that it could rust easily; my cast iron pots and pans need to be well maintained.

Cast iron items like planes were often finished by jappanning them. It’s a type of thick black lacquer. It was popular for finishing cast iron items at the time. My wag is that the yoyo was japanned.

Reading a little more about it, that would make sense. I learned some new information today.

You Sir are correct

Great read! might want to update the world record sleep time with the http://www.c3yoyodesign.com/product/bth impressive record.

Thanks again for posting! I learned alot.