iyoyo steel

so, I have an iyoyo steel which is a great yoyo. super stable and long spinning. fairly comfortable. Pretty affordable for a bi-metal also.

I bought the red with gold rims version and think it is one of the more striking yoyo’s in my collection - I just love the color scheme.

The only downside is that the base is polished - which makes it look really great and shiny, but is less good for grinds and spins (though i can do them, the matte finish on yoyos like manatee or shuta feel much better).

my question: are all the Steel colors done polished, or are some of them the matte type finish that is really nice for grinds and finger spins?


The solid red and solid blue Steels seem to be the only versions that I see with a polished/non-blasted finish. All the other colors we currently have in stock have a light blast that makes them decent for grinds. Any of them should be fine for fingerspins though as long as you’re using your fingernail.

Awesome. Thanks!