Isn't it stange that Yo-yos were made as weapons (BACK THEN)

Just think of it this way If everyone here was there when yo-yos were weapons we’d be like awesome warriors just think of it we could have the whole world in our hands’ lol jk but really we’d be high ranked ;D :smiley:

Funny they werent…
You’ve been watching too much TV…

They were thought to have started as weapons, but new findings suggested they were used as a rich person’s way of fun. If you count a rock tied to a string, then yes the first was a weapon, which I believe was usecd by Native Americans.

Well, Andre did suggest yoyos could be used as weapons in his tutorial for Forward Pass. “You look like a ninja, like you’re fighting with your yo-yos or what not.” - Andre

I’m pretty sure that “Weapon” yoyos were just rocks tied to strings.

What I heard is that Okinawan warriors would hide in trees and when the Japanese would run under them they would use a rock on a string like a yoyo and hit them in the head then they would pull the rock back up.

In order for it to be a yoyo, it has to spin and then return to the hand. It is a tethered top. The whole “weapon” thing was a marketing ploy from the 50’s in order to sell more yoyo’s. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

But the T.V. told me so! :wink:

He’s right. The string and rock thing may be historically correct, but I doubt they evolved into the yo-yo.

What about the wooden 99 cent yoyos or the ones from quite a while ago that have the string through the axle so that it can’t spin?

It did wind up from the spin generated by the fall though. A rock tied to a string would not wind back up I guess.

Right. I was thinking this - well spin = sleep - and I wasn’t thinking about the spinning it go down and up so yeah those yoyos would be considered yoyos by definition.

They actually werent weapons. Im sure there was some crazy guy out there who threw a 45 degree world tour or something and called it a weapon but still…there werent ORIGINALLY used as weapons.

It spun down the string, and then back up didn’t it?

Have you seen James Bond, Octopussy (sp.?). There is a part where a guy has a yoyo with knives on it. Completely fake and not practical, oh well.

Yoyo army:
calls out commands

Loopers to the front, 1A form second rank, Off string, cover them from behind, and I want the freehands held in reserve.

Loopers alternate Punching bags and forward passes, if you start getting in trouble sword and shield.

1A, I want to see those boomerangs hitting any gaps missed by the loopers.

messenger arrives “Sir, spies indicate that they have some 3A’s over there.”

…I was afraid of that… but no matter, the should be no match for our Sliding counterweights.

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The yo-yo is the worlds second oldest toy, dating back to ancient greece. At the time yo-yos were two terracotta discs attached by a fixed axle and decorated with images paying homage to the gods. See the attached image of Greek pottery depicting a child playing with a yo-yo. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering the doll is the oldest known toy.

Put some metal pyrimid studs all around the yoyo and there you go! lol!

Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical.

Yeah that was pretty funny.