Interesting read

Not my article but I came across it and found it to be interesting. Also talks about things I know a few of us can relate to.

i usually bring a hardcase box with six yoyos to vacations. i also always had to show them to the security guards, but i gave them a heads up warning all the time.
never had problems and the guards never had the time to show deep interest.

And to me, the weapon myth is clearly wrong. to be dangerous the yo would have to draw an advantage of its spin. with centrifugal force triggered blades it could be a buzz saw, but in normal cases the unwinding prevents the yoyo from becoming a projectile. every 70g edged metal object is more dangerous than a yoyo.
most dangerous part of modern yoyos is the string which is extremly tearproof an could be used the strange things up.

Filipino speaking here,

Weapon Myth: came from Flores and Duncan wanting to spread the attention to the yoyo. It’s a weapon? Let’s buy it! Pretty much.
Philippine weapon in 16 th century was actually a sharp rock tied to strings. Throw it, pull it back, basically a reusable throwing knife.
My relatives told us the weapon myth just for the lols pretty much.
We did make and play with wood yogis before being brought here in the U.S. by Flores.
Yoyos could be used as weapons though. Especially scratched up 2A yoyos. Do a loop to an eye, a nose, maybe even a mouth. Or any other part of the body. TOTALLY NOT SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE.