Hiroyuki beginning tricks

How do u do 0:05 to 0:13(the slack bind)?
I don’t mean to be unoriginal, just want to learn this and try it out cause it really looks cool to me :slight_smile:
Plus it would look good to do with his speed combo :stuck_out_tongue:
(the bind at :13 is just a laceration thats not being caught right?)

For those who are not on mobile

I don’t see a bind.

I don’t think you have to worry about originality until you start making your own tricks. Just do what you like.

I think he means when hiroyuki does a 1-handed Laceration type thing. Instead of catching it, bind it. It’s right at the 13 second mark.

Am I right?

I don’t think he’s binding. You could do a similar move and get a ‘false bind’ or whatever you’d call it when it’s against normal spin direction… but I think here he’s hucking a little slack and re-catching it in a one-handed trapeze-type thing for a brief moment.

It looks like he is just doing a sidestyle plastic whip at 0:13. It is similar to a laceration or a slack bind. If you want to do the slack bind that looks like that, just whip the string into the gap of the yoyo without catching the slack on your fingers. The weight of the yoyo moving into the string should catch the slack coming around it and bind. It takes some practice to get the right feel for it, so it might not come right away. As long as you can get the string to hit the gap consistently, you should be able to get it down, though.

I’m coming to the same consensus as Greg. Seems like a one-handed trapeze or something similar.

here check this out… 1:03 is sorta a tut

But it’s a bind. Hiroyuki isn’t binding.

lol he’s just doing a plastic whip and then throwing it over his finger, probably the easiest maneuver in that whole freestyle.

Might just be semantics here, but I always think of a Plastic Whip as going over the yoyo. He’s clearly catching it from below. One thing’s for sure… it’s not a laceration bind.

Got it , rewatched it carefully and saw it wasn’t a bind :stuck_out_tongue:
All I can tell is the lasceration… Is there a trick name for that
Is it just a sideways plastic whip or something?

Anything for the tricks leading up to that?

It’s a reverse GT laceration @ 0:13. Pretty tricky to get down but once you do it’s really easy.

I believe it is called a Gunslinger.

I started to work on this trick. But, alas, I am terrible at learning a trick by watching it full speed (unless full speed is really slow :P)

Anyways, the first part is a trapeze, dismount, and do a Mach Whip type thing. From the you roll over your TH index, hitting the top string. This is all I have right now.

There’s a regen if you look closely

I am so excited right now. I have found out the trick. The only part is, after the Bro Slack, I go back to a Trapeze from there. I will make a tutorial tomorrow and possibly post a video here. It is so simple but it takes practice.