what is a highwall mod? I have been yoyoing for nearly a year and dont know…lol is that bad? haha

It is exactly what it sounds like. You give the yoyo a high wall instead of having a low wall, instead of having a wall that has a big angle going to the responce area you have a wall that takes a sudden dip (almost straight down) to the responce area…Now that I am trying to explain it (since I have never done one) it is harder than I thought. It does not help a yoyo in any way that I know of. Some say that it does but I would love to be corrected on that, it does not open up suicide loops like some think it does. Also there is already a thread like this somewhere, just search for how to do a highwall mod in the maitenance section or the help section and it will explain it better than I can.

This should explain it well enough.

^Before ^After

(Taken from YoYo Wiki. http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/High_Wall )

It supposedly helps it in 5a.

A high wall is mainly used to create a wider gap. If schmoove rings were added to the highwall, then suicides would be opened up.