What's a High Wall Throw?


As topic asks, what’s a High Wall Throw?


Look at the inside of a DM2. Notice that area from the bearing UP before it flares out? That’s an example of a highwall.


So a high wall throw is when you throw it and the string is touching the high wall?


No, “throw” is being used as a synonym for “yoyo”.

It’s a high-wall yoyo.

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No I think you are a bit confused.

Throw in this context, means yoyo.
The walls of the yoyo can be high or short. The shortest walls are little more than the vertical rise of the response. After the response the side slopes out. On a high wall there is the vertical rise of the response plus much more of the side, making a “high wall.”

A simplistic perspective of a short wall: >< and a high wall ][. So the string would have a better chance to rub the surface of the inner wall on a high wall.

Hmmm…clear as mud?

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                  Not high walled                                                     High walled


An example of a Highwall throw would be an FHZ or for that mater any yoyo with pad response.


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That’s too general of a conclusion, primarily because it’s false. There are plenty of pad response yoyos, where the body tapers off immediately after the edge of the response.





Yes, in fact as I recall the first high wall yoyos were mods of yoyos similar to what you’ve shown. Could’ve maybe even been an eetsit.

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Most competition yoyos, such as the Supernova, Genesis, Chief, Code 2, Majesty, KLR, etc. are not high walled. YoYos like the 888x, Dark Magic, etc. are high walled.