Highgrove Day Picnic With General-Yo!


After our interview with the local paper, (look here if you missed it) the organizers for the Highgrove Picnic asked us to preform! We are tentatively scheduled for 10:30 on May 7th to be on stage, so please come out for a fun day of eating, yoyoing, and enjoying the picnic. All the information can be found here: http://www.highgrovehappenings.net/HighgroveDay.html


Talked to some people at the DXL meet yesterday.
Looks like there will be a turn out.
Im sure the non-yoyoing people in the crowd will be amazed.


im so mad I can’t go to this :frowning:

I have baseball


Call in sick… :wink:


call in? Haha it’s not a job


Tell your coach you’ll be there next time :-*


Then you should be able to skip it.

(Raphael) #8

Get your priority’s striaght! jk but just say you have caught a mutated version of swine flu but have found the cure and the only cure was going to highgrove day. I would go, but I live in pennsylvania :frowning:


last time I tried that, my parents were all like “you need to stay with your commitments” :frowning:

(Raphael) #10

Your comitted to Yo-Yoing!


thats what I told them, but no such luck :’(


Yeah, they probably have a dream that you’ll play for the Yankees some day. :wink:


METS >:(


Blue Jays!


Red Sox



(Raphael) #17

Toronto Maple leaves


Suck, Go Sens Go!

(Jamesofyoyo) #19

Can’t wait to put on my routine haha. I’ll try my best. I’ve been practicing for quite a while so I hope I do well. Anyways, I encourage anyone to come if they can. It sounds like a lot of fun, and i’m sure it will be. :wink: