I wish I was at Nationals right now!!!


I wanted to go so bad, I had it all planned out, I even had permission from the wife. Alas, my stupid knee won’t hold up for more than an hour or two and there’s no way I could have made the 5 hour drive to Chico from Monterey. I’m moving across the country before the next one, so I’ll probably never make it to Nats.

Could everyone please have extra fun for me? I know I’m new to the community, but it’s the best group of people I’ve never met that I know.

(SR) #2

I know that feel bro… My aunts wedding is today and I totally could’ve made it if it weren’t for that. I mean the wedding is more important haha, but still. I want to go so bad. I want to just load up on yoyos and regret it later and sell the ones I don’t want. I want to try all hese new yoyos. I want to buy like five YYF Bgrades and a code 2 and a supernova but noooooo. Oh well.


Yeah, no way I could make it. Colorado, I hate you.

Is there a live feed anywhere?

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YoYoSkills has one up.


When will it be online?


I would also like to know.


Man that sucks i know how ya feel, though. D:

(Owen) #8

I’ll probably never make it unless I get a sponsor willing to pay for me to go from MI to Cali.

Meh, whatevs


i want to go to nationals as well but its too far from maryland


Don’t worry I had extra fun for all of you ;D


At least you guys are in the same country! It’s about a 15 hour flight from where I live =P


(Jerrod) #12



Same here :wink:


I MIST IT TO!!! :’(

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I would love to see a yo-yo club take a “field trip” to Nationals.(hint, hint Chicago)

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