Yoyo Meet in Upstate NY **Postponed Untile further notice**

Hey guys. I’ll be holding a yoyo meet at Duchman’s Landing in Catskill NY. Map Quest it or put it in a GPS and it should come up. If not, call me at (518)-622-9118 and I’ll help you out. It’s a really nice park, right along the Hudson River. We’ll be bringing a gas grill to cook hot dogs for everyone. It’ll go down this weekend, Saturday Oct. 2nd. PM me if your coming. Feel free to call or PM me with any questions or suggestions. Remember to bring your yoyos and cash to buy my yoyos! :wink:

Not a chance i can make it i have work and the week after that i have my talent show its a no go for yeti :frowning: that and ill probably get lost

Holy cow, no way I’d be able to get to New York with only a weeks notice. Notice how I put the BBQ thread up a month in advance :wink: .

Mabye we could do something a bit closer to you during one of the school vacations? That way we all have notice in advance to make preperations.

And I do feel it’s only fair that we haul our sorry butts up to NY after your venture over here!

I think I’m changing the date. A lot of people are buissy this weekend.

well i could make it when ever just let me know atleast 2 weeks ahead of time