Finger Lakes Yoyo Club in Ithaca - Meet Sunday, June 14 3-6pm

Barring rain, the Finger Lakes Yoyo Club will meet Sunday, June 14 at the De Witt Park on 315 Cayuga St. in Ithaca, NY from 3-6pm. If it does rain, we’ll meet at the food court in The Shops at Ithaca Mall at 40 Catherwood Road. Looking forward to it!

We should find a place to meet in the middle. Buffalo yyc and Ithaca yyc

Definitely looking forward to this meet, been having a hard time learning new tricks for a while now and I see this rejuvenating me!

will try to be there!

Looking forward to it!

@ mondo6611 - that sounds like a fine idea to me! Maybe somewhere in Rochester?

Rochester is only like 45 minutes away from my new place. I’m sure everyone else will be down too

You should all come to Ithaca tomorrow so we can discuss. :slight_smile:

Chance of rain tomorrow. If it rains, we’ll meet at The Shops at Ithaca Mall - 40 Catherwood Road - by the food court. Here’s hoping the weather stays clear tomorrow!

hey guys sorry i would have made it out had i known it was going on… Jason If you still have my number would u shoot me a text next time… Im not on here that often and this is probably the first time ive posted on here in months… Ill be around all this year so im definitely up for a meet up any weekend

Sure thing, Mike. Next meetup is September 23.

Meetup tomorrow. The forecast is looking iffy. So long as it isn’t raining at 3pm, we’ll meet at the park. If it is raining, then we’ll meet at the mall. Looking forward to it!

waaaaaah! im thinking about going to Cornell for school. It would be nice to be part of a yoyo club on my free time :slight_smile:

Its a great club there with some awesome guys… btw i appologize i wasnt able to come last weekend, something came up and i was unable to attend… i will most likely be at the next one

Hey guys I’m from a little bit north of the finger lakes and I’d like to come to a meet up sometime… are there set dates that you meet or like when do you all meet?

I’ll add you to the email list so you receive announcements about meets. There isn’t a set schedule. I’ll look forward to meeting!

Trying to have a meet up at 530 on Saturday…hoping to just meet up at the mall and go from there

Message me if your available or need anymore details

Hope you guys had fun if you were able to meet!

Hey guys just wondering if you fellow new yorkers wanted to meet up with us buffalo throwers. I live in Middleport NY it’s in between buffalo and Rochester. Address is 9787 Ridge Road Middleport NY 14105. In case you wanted to check the distance. I was thinking of having a big bbq for any throwers that wanted to come. Maybe in may. Let me know what you guys think. I know all the Buffalo yoyo club members are down.

I’ve been meaning to come out for the Buffalo club, but just haven’t been able to. If you set up something in May, I’ll send the date/place to everyone on the FLYC email list. It’d also be sick if some of you all came out to one of our meetups in Ithaca. :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure I think we could definitely make a meet. Our club is getting a little bigger now so a big bbq would be awesome to get all of us together for a sick throw session and some delicious food.