Rochester, NY


Hey guys! I’ve been yoyoing for about a year now, and I’ve only ever met one yoyoer in my city, Rochester, NY. If any of you fine folk live thereabouts, we should try to get some sort of meet up going.


I live about an hour from Rochester and coordinate a club in Ithaca, but I’d be down for having a meetup in Rochester at some point. Shoot me a message with your email address if you’d like me to add you to the Finger Lakes Yoyo Club email list. Also, John Huber runs a club out of Buffalo if you’re ever out that way.

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Me and a friend of mine live in dutchess county Ny and he has a club In fishkill ny every Friday if you guys are interested in going.


Sorry for being late to the party. I haven’t been on this forum in a few months.

If you’re ever out in the Buffalo area, get in touch with me. I also visit Rochester every now and again. I’ll send you a PM the next time I’ll be out in your area.

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I’m over in Batavia and may have to go to some of these. ;D


Now that we’ve finally thawed out from the long and brutal winter, I will begin scheduling monthly meets with the local hobby shop (Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart), and will also plan for bi-weekly meets at a couple of the local parks (Delaware Park & Bidwell Park). I will make sure to share that info on YYE when the dates are figured out.

We will also see about doing a BBQ sometime this summer, but that will all depend on what happens with our housing situation. We are looking to buy a house this year, and if we can make it happen before the end of summer, we’ll invite WNY throwers out for a get together.


^^ Sounds great!


Hey everyone! I’m located right in NY and would love to seem a rochester meet up happen!

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