One Final summers end Ny Yoyo Meet

I am hosting a yoyo meet at okte school in clifton park,But its been really hot out lately and may be to humid to yoyo.If anyone knows anywere that is airconditioned or may be nice and cool please give me ideas.It may be cool the day we meet though.So the plan as of now is that we will meet and the picnic/playground area at Okte school in clifton park.The date is undecided and the time is as well.Please pm me with any questions,ideas,problems,ect

dude remember i host these meets vecause i am the only one who can contact everyone.

Any one can host the hosting one becuase i want to meet up with everyong.i can contact everyone as well.So are you game? Im think next saturday or so.

nah. I have to go to my lake house. And Arad can’t go either and OJ is in collige in bosten and their is some guy in catskill.