so our first meeting went well and we have come to the conclusion that we will be having a meeting once a month a westfarms mall in new britain connecticut and it will be at 3 pm on the second saturday of every month

please contact me if you plan on coming due to the fact that i would like to plan on just how many people are coming

December 27, 2013 at 3PM if it wasn’t clear enough. Hope to see a few other throwers there!

thanks for clarifying

EDIT: This month’s meet is canceled due to a very tight schedule and a couple of our members not being able to make it. Sorry.

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Hey is this still going on? If I’m correct there will be a meeting this Saturday?

Planning on it.

Okay sounds good, as long that its at west farms mall at 3 I will be there

Actually, we got kicked out of west farms lol

Oh okay where will it be? I would really like to attend I have a competition coming up so it would be really useful for me

But lol nice :smile:

Also u guys going to the ma competition? I’ll be there, I have a red dv888 so maybe I will see u guys

99% chance Manente and I will be there.

Ok see ya at 3 then

My name is tennessee btw, nice to meet ya

Yo what’s up

Just so ya know, no meet today. Apparently we’re not allowed to yoyo in West Farms.