2yo yoyo club, meeting this saturday in japantown san francisco!

Hey all!

Its been a while but 2yo is back this month with a meeting to end 2012 on a high note!

We will be meeting this Saturday at our usual location in Japantown and it will be a fun time!


When: This Saturday the 15th, Meeting officially starts at 12 noon, and usually goes until around 4:30 ish.
Where: We will be meeting in San Francisco’s Japantown in the “Peace Plaza” by the large pagoda.
What: Video from our meeting in august

Should be a great meeting, weather forecast is looking decent for that day!

Hope to see you all there!


no one here coming?

I wish I could they are so much fun! I went to one about a year ago :smiley:

I’ve had an event scheduled for December 15th on my books since February of 2012. No way I can drive 2 hours from Sacramento for this event.

I’m sure more people who read here will show up rather than respond.

I’m at the Westfield mall