Highest Post Per Day Count

Who has the highest “Post Per Day Count.” It can be seen on your profile page right next to your number of posts.

Mine is a 5.612

That’s close to the top. Only other people that may be that high are Alecto, Abby, TA, Erik, and maybe another or two. I’m just over 2 a day.

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Alecto is at 1.031
Abby is 4.983
TA is 4.710
Erik is 5.017
do I win?

I forgot, GregP posts a lot. He’s at a whopping 9.524 per day!


Dang! I’m only at 3.74!

So I’m the 3rd highest on the forum?

Post for quality, not quantity. GregP offers a lot to these forums.

Yea he does do a lot he’s a great contributor to the community. Always being helpful and giving acuate information and just being an all around great guy

Fourth, bcmaddog is over 6 a day, close to 7.

2.268 Meh thats understandable I’ve lurking more nowadays instead of posting

I remember one point he was at 14 a day.

I used to be at 6 but rarely posted in the past few months so dropped to 4.5ish

I was so into this forum when I first started that I was on about 15 posts per day.

Ok but if I joined at today and posted 100 times, then I would win…

What about longest log in time

I believe its Cali or jhb at around 160 days.

I might have the highest post count with the lowest perday combo. lol
1245 (0.603 per day)

Hope you’re joking

No those are my actual stats.

JHB has 4408