Hideyoshi or Igloo?

Thanks for your opinion and have a nice one! :wink:

Hideyoshi. Not much of a contest there😳

The Igloo is a very good yoyo.

But the Sengoku is a cut above…

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What yoyodoc said!

Hideyoshi! Man, don’t even consider any multimetal yoyo over it.

Most definitely the Hideyoshi!! Very unique feeling yoyo. Your expect it to be pretty heavy feeling because of the dense weight rings, but it in hand and during play it is light and zippy, and still insanely stable because of spin power.

Get the igloo. Can’t go wrong with reppin that clyw. In that tiffany colourway. Pick up all the chicks with thay.

As far as the other throw, never really looked into it.lol.

If you think that yoyo can get you girls, you’re into the wrong sport.

That is definitely not the reason why I yoyo.

I have not played an Igloo so I can’t comment, it looks like a great bimetal and has the rings in the cups, which I prefer since it leaves the rest of the rim open for grinding.

The Hideyoshi is a tri-metal and felt totally different from anything I have thrown in the past.

You must be doing it wrong! ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Hideyoshi by a huge margin.