Draupnir or ?

Hello, I just got back into yo-yoing after playing around with my friend’s shutter. From what I read the Draupnir is one of the nicest up to date yo-yos so I’ve been thinking about buying one. I also thought about buying a Sengoku Forge or Hideyoshi. Havent owned any bi-metals so I’m interested in trying one out. Getting overwhelm with all the options so can you guys help me harrow it down? Feel free to suggest other throws as well.

If you want the best of the best the YYR Draupnir and Sengoku Masamune are your best bets. I’ve owned both and I think the Masamune is a tad better but the Draupnir definitely has the reputation for being the gold standard of yoyos.

If you want something a little heavier I hear the TP Palpitation is right up there with the Draupnir and has unshakeable stability. I however have not personally tried one but I think it’d be a great choice as well.

The Hideyoshi in my opinion is the most unique bimetal out there. It has a feel like no other, it plays at your pace and is extremely versatile. Although not quite as good as the Draupnir or Masamune in pure performance, it’s pretty close and it’s very enjoyable to play with. My personal favorite yoyo.