Sengoku Masamune: A High Speed YoYo Review


Back in May of this year I reviewed my first yo-yo by a new Japanese based company called Sengoku. Their goal was, and still is, the manufacturing of high quality bimetal designs for the next generation of players. Each yo-yo will bear the name of a leader from one of the Samurai clans that ruled during Japan’s illustrious history. This yo-yo is no exception. Date Masamune was the one-eyed tactician who once served Lord Hideyoshi before being made a lord and founding the city of Sendai. I know, I know… less history lesson, more yo-yo. Here you go.

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Great review on this super release. I was thinking about writing a review on this yo-yo, but after reading yours, I am not sure what I can add to it.

I agree with all of your observations, although I might be even more excited about its play characteristics than you were :slight_smile: Saying you had a “blast” playing it is probably exactly the way I would have described my experience also. This is a quick, fun yo-yo that can deliver serious performance too.

The only thing I could add is that to me; the Masamune is definitely worth the price.


I’ve been playing the Draupnir and Masamune just to see how the latter holds up to the gold standard in bimetal yoyos, and the Masamune just feels so much better than the Draupnir.


I appreciate the kind words. It is good to see that we can agree sometimes. :wink:

Price is always a subjective area when it comes to these high end releases so I usually try and give all the info that I can and let them decide.

Having never played a Draupnir, I will have to take your word for it. I have heard great things about that particular YYR but have not had the opportunity to pick one up or borrow one for review. Eventually I would like to give it a once over for comparison. Just from looking at the Draupnir I have a feeling that I would probably prefer the Masamune due to the placement of the steel rings. The Draupnir’s raw rings on the outer rims would impact palm grinds which are a favorite trick of mine. Before anyone attacks, I am not saying I think the Draupnir is a bad yo-yo. This is the same reason why I prefer the Masamune over the Nobunaga, which I also think is a killer product.


While I still think the Draupnir is the Gold standard when it comes to pure competition-level performance, I definitely agree that the Masume delivers the same level of performance but with a bit of pleasing attitude. It is a gratifying yo-yo to play - if that makes any sense…

I do find that I keep reaching for the Masume when I go to play. :wink:


I have not put enough hours in to truly “review” the Masamune, but I will say that I found it absolutely delightful to play. I’m not a speed demon by any stretch, but I found I could manage the zippiness provided by the Masamune.

Very nimble, incredibly stable, long-spinning. I didn’t play the blast in order to confirm or deny what you’ve written (I will take your word for it!), but everything else you said is legit.

I suspect (without proof!) that after putting in the required amount of time that I would probably be heaping more enthusiasm on it than you-- it was easily the “standout” yoyo I played all ECR weekend, a weekend I had access to tonnes of cases of yoyos. :slight_smile:


What can I say guys? i´m immensely thankful for all this positive comments about the Masamune, that means a lot to me, it means that I´m going in the right direction on designing throws.

Thank you!


I also got a chance to play the Hideyoshi.
You, sir, are most definitely moving in the “right direction”. 8)


I would like to ask: how is this yoyo for finger spins? I am new to unresponsive play and am using a horizon. for some reason, I just love doing finger spins and am considering getting a very high end yoyo to see how it differs from my horizon.