hidemasa hook

Dont tell me to search, As i’ve seen, nobody else has this problem.

I can sometimes land the hook, with practice, I know I can hit it all the time. But the times I do hit the hook, I roll out onece, then, on the reverse trapeze thing, I have the string intersecting the loop, so that I end up in a GT, not like brent strole, its like, a trapeze with the string intersecting the loop.

That happened to me when I was first learning it as well.

Essentially, you’re tossing the slack a little crooked, and it’s causing extra catches that you don’t want. Keep it nice and straight, and keep practicing.

O_o whoa into a GT? tats pretty cool, so dont forget how to do it when you learn to do the hook correctly.

Yea definatelty

if you would have noticed he said it wasnt in a green triangle…

I said it wasnt in brent strole GT, aka, a gt with a twist. :wink: