Hi-end yoyo suggestions

I’m purchasing a hi end yoyo soon in a few weeks and tell me of others around that budget and which performs better
Like general speed, spin time(I know), stability, etc
And also you can choose which color

Yoyo factory Cyborg 2.0
Yoyofactory VKSs #teamvashek.
Yoyofactory Dogma Galxy color way.

for that size range, puffin2

I might get the nobunaga

The nobunaga looks very interesting indeed.

Please no yyf

Why? They make top tier stuff.

A lot’s made in China though, so I can understand his preference if he’s gonna purchase a 100+ throw.

I guess I just don’t understand. A lot of their higher-end stuff is also made in USA but even if they weren’t, they’re still high-quality yo-yos regardless of their place of manufacture.

Nobunaga. Sputnik is great, but only available in raw and overpriced for not being ano’d compared to their other releases. Paranoid looks nice and i hope to get one eventually, but almost $100 more than Nobunaga and the design isn’t near as interesting. Also the size of the Nobunaga is super flexible for all types of tricks. I really enjoy mine.

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it does not fit my preference.


wut? Can you further elaborate on this please. I can understand if it’s a matter of location of manufacturing but saying that YYF, who have literally dozens upon dozens of yoyos of all shapes and sizes, do not fit your preference, is ridiculous to me.

Might wanna consider a sOMEThING Slasher

I got a bunch of money, and could buy palpitation
Palp vs draupnir vs slasher?

The Beserker SS fast, solid,speedy and stable.

Berserker ss vs palp?

Draupnir is the best

I can’t find it anywhere :frowning:
Solid or splash for other yoyos?

A great high end metal is the Hatchet 2. Get one of those.