Hey you! yes you!

So I am 16 and I just got a job. I plan to blow all of my first check on a yoyo. I should make about $50. This is where I need your help. I want a really unresponsive yoyo. I was thinking maybe a x-con or a super spinfaktor. I’ve moved up to the advanced tricks and I want a yoyo that will take multiple stings in the gap. I was also thinking about getting a koncave. Thanks for any help.

M1 is a great one! You can get a legacy, Milk(BST), xcon, and DM as always. M1 would be my top pick though.

First of all, try making your topic title more specific to what your topic is actually about. Something like “Yo-Yo Suggestions” or something like that would’ve been good.

Now, there are many, many yo-yos that are unresponsive and can handle multiple strings in the gap. For us to find a yo-yo that will suit you the best, give us some more information on what you are looking for in shape, size, response, and play (style).

And a KK would be a nice addition to a yo-yo if you are willing to spend a little more.

Well, it sounds like you’re already at an answer! Between the two, I’d go with the Vict, but that’s just a personal preference. Either one will be just fine.

Pick one and enjoy.

if your that far along, i say you hold off for two more weeks and get a 888 or a superstar or something like that. i have a dm, legacy, and m1. my next will definately be an top notch yoyo. if you go, go to a great yoyo. it will be worth it in my opinion.

Yes - an M1 would be great. In my opinion, it plays just as well as an 888, or a Superstar. They are still great yoyos though, and I am still debating wether or not to get an 888. However, I really want a Skyline, so I suggest those as well.

I think I am going to get a m1.

an m1 is a great yoyo, but make sure you understand that it is a pretty small yoyo. it will take a while to get used to. i just got one and i like it really well. just wanted to warn you on the size difference.

M1! It is a great value, and the smoothest yoyo to ever spin.