Here is how to make LED lights for your yoyo.

Cool, i don’t think i’d ever do it because it’d make my yoyo heaver, wobbly, and ugly, but still cool.

The total added weight wouldn’t be a lot. Plus I don’t think anyone wants to do that to any of their main throws. It’d be a fun project for something you have kicking around but that battery is going to last like a year to two years before you need to replace it again.

THats pretty cool but you should make it improved

omg… i am soo doing that. 8)

That would be a good use for those 2 holes in the synergy caps too.

It would be good on YYJ plastics, and bimetals, because you dont have to cut any plastic you just drill the cap.

yyf shuld totally come out with a yoyo thatt has led z stacks