LED caps: has anyone tried this?

I’m probably gonna make a set for my DM2

thats pretty epic… might do that for my DM… I can use the caps that came with it

I would rather add a SPDT with a weight. or maybe a toggle switch…

That’s so cool !

Does it affect spin dynamics though? Where can you get LEDs?

you fan find LEDs online (google it there are a ton of stores) or at like radio shack.

Radioshack can get you all the parts you need. Get 1.5 volt leds though.

Sorry, but to select a LED, you don’t need to ask for a x.x volts LED. Just choose the color and the size. In this project I think it’s better a small LED.
As an additional remark if the pieces are not perfectly centered, the Yo-yo it’s going to vibrate. :slight_smile:

You can still use big ones… but you do need to know volts man, and milliamps. You can blow the LED or not be able to light up the LED bright enough. 1.5 is perfect for CR2032 battery that he uses… I may be getting a bunch of crap latley about how I don’t know a lot about yoyoing because I have been told false info in the past but, I KNOW my electronic engineering.

Look I’m trying to help, not trying to bother you. Just a question can I use then a pair of 1.5 Volts LEDs wired in parallel with a CR2032 battery of 3 Volts without a proper resistor?

You could, you might blow the LED, but he is not running a parallel…

Look again in the video, the 2 LEDs are wired in parallel not in serial.
Regards colleague

Wow, I stand corrected. I made mine differently.

you should really ask kipkay this guy knows everything about
you can contact him on kipkay.com

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Thanks, just as a comment I have about 33 years working in electronic design :wink:

And I have about 1 year, thats why I made mine wrong.


comes with LED caps
IF this post is a no-no let me know ^.^