Would it be possible?


Alright guys and gals, I have a few questions from a modding noob!

I’ll just list them off, no order really.

First, is it possible to put LED lights on a yoyo permanently? Inside it?

What about a glow in the dark metal yoyo? Is there a certain blacklight paint?

What if I wanted Rainbow Dash’s rainbow around it?

Who would I go to for any of this? I looked at the list of modders, but I didn’t see anything about lights.

Thanks for any feedback! ;D


Yes, to all of the above.

People put LED lights in yoyos all the time. You do need to be careful to get it balanced reasonably well. Glow in the dark paint is readily available, but most people that paint yoyos use clear plastic ones and paint the inside of the yoyo. The GID paint doesn’t do as well when it’s handled a lot.


paint inside the cup perhaps?


LED’s in a yoyo?

Sure. The new Duncan FHZ with Pulse Technology and light up counter weight.
Duncan Pulse
Duncan Limelight
Yomega LightBeam

Those are just a few products.

Shinwoo makes an LED insert that fits inside many yoyos. Seems meant to go in a Dancan Hayabusa but fits many more than just that. Adds 2 grams of weight per side. They are intended to be permanent. The construction is often relatively simple. Heck, for what it costs for a Duncan Pulse, you can just cannibalize one for an LED kit to put in something else because the costs are identical. However, how they go inside isn’t, but that’s not going to stop someone from doing this. In fact, they’ll just find a good way to mount it inside anyways.

Glow in the dark metal? I suppose so. Do a white undercoat and many thin layers of a glow in the dark paint and then charge it up with a blacklight before throwing.

Doing a “rainbow dash” and then making glow in the dark? Hmm, not so sure about that. You may with to instead change the mindset from a glow in the dark paint to florescent paints that will appear to glow under UV/blacklight. That would be the way I’d go. It’s not that they are mutually exclusive(glow in the dark vs UV), and you can certainly mix and match(white primer, GITD base, then fllorescent UV paints for the dash itself). Just more work to find the right materials and maybe a bit more costs in general. If you’re painting INSIDE a clear yoyo, you’ll have to reverse the process but most likely leave out the primer coat entirely(since it won’t be needed) and do an extra thick white coat for the last layers. Don’t forget the cap too. This would be an excellent FHZ paint challenge.

LED and Rainbow Dash and glow in the dark? Seems a but too busy to me. I’d go glow in the dark with our without UV paints OR an LED solution, but I wouldn’t mix.

If you want mods done, there’s something in this area about modders to contact, See who will do some of this. Prices can vary greatly based on what the modder charges.


Thanks! Also, those were all separate. Personally, I think even 2 of those on one yoyo would be too much.


The Shinwoo light-up kits are sold individually. Personaly, after seeing my new Duncan pulse(red) in action compared with my blue where one side had a fixable issue with the contact and the system stayed engaged on one side, you want the LED kit on both sides. Trust me, you WANT it on both sides.

The kit will drop in just fine into a clear Duncan Hayabusa. Many others may require some trimming and/or glue and/or forget about replacing your caps.

But if you mean different ideas:
The way I see it:
Glowing alone is fine. I have a glow Dienasty. That’s why I got it. Don’t have the Starlight, not sure if I want to get it.

UV sensitive colors would be good too but won’t have the same impact unless people are as up close. But it also depends on the paints and the colors.

Add some glow string in there and you got some cool stuff going.

The LED is a good “all around” idea. Works in the day or night, any light, no light. I bought my Pulse yoyos for a performance next year. I gotta get my 1A down first and then start my looping so I can use the Pulses. I want to learn 5A for the LED FHZ I have coming in.

Each idea has pluses and minuses. For the costs, you can get glow and LED solutions already done and save yourself some hassle… For UV painted, you’d want to find something to do that with. A clear FHZ or clear Hayabusa would be ideal options.