DIY Led yoyo

I do not know if this has already been post but I wanted to share with you, how to make a LED yoyo:

do not hesitate to comment or inform me but the insults are useless :slight_smile:
And sorry for my english I speak french ;D


What’s nice is that it requires no real circuit, just the battery and the LED. Well, it is a circuit, just a really basic one. The bad part is that it’s going to be hard to service ad difficult to remove.

There are pre-made options that you can explore if you want to. Shinwoo makes an LED kit. I installed one into my Hayabusa. Duncan also makes a FHZ Pulse, and they make the Pulse yoyos as well, which if you want you can salvage the electronics out of.

The best part about that video is that it shows a good way to make caps to keep the kit in place, especially on a capless yoyo. It’s either that or you have to hot glue it in place. I think caps are a better option.

I think many of us have seen that before. However, thanks for sharing anyways. It may get seen by someone new who wants to see it. Thanks!

Like me. :slight_smile:

If you look at the end of the video when its in the dark, play close attention to the inside rim. You can see that dash now has mega serious vibe. I would not want to do this to my yoyo. I’ll buy a shinwoo kit.

That would probably give it vibe as well. He also only installed it on one side, which would give a yoyo vibe.

The shinwoo kit can also give your yoyo vibe, especially if you are lazy and install it like I did into my Hayabusa:
Pop caps, drop in kit, snap caps back in and get back to throwing.

The Hayabusa is still fairly smooth. I did his so I can do some dark performances, but those may be some ways away.

Wow! I looked at myself after reading that and went… Duh! I’ve had serious issues going on with family and haven’t been thinking clearly. I should have thought of that.

yea I wanted to get a shinwoo kit but yye is out of stock. I already imagine that you would have to glue it just right for c-force. Otherwise it would have serious vibe. I guess kipkays wouldn’t be so bad but it doesn’t look the greatest. And I can’t imagine you being lazy. 4 kids, wife, and a businesses. Maybe not paying attention and focused, but lazy. I can’t see it.

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Aaah so that is how it works! I was wondering how yoyos with leds that only shine when the yoyo is spinning work. The circuit uses a spring that closes the circuit when the yoyo is rotating.
I’m glad I found this thread.

Who is @anonyo by the way?

I’m a user that, for whatever reason, was deleted prior to the forum migration on July 1st, 2018. Sorry!

Is he still on this forum? He is in almost every thread until he got deleted.

I don’t know for a fact, but I’m pretty sure that anonyo stands for anonymous yoyoer and is assigned to posts made by any accounts that don’t exist anymore. So they are likely to be various previous users, not one single user.

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You’re right. I took a closer look at this account and it is indeed multiple people.