led yoyo

I might have to do this lol.

Link fixed

Do what? I think you might have to fix that link.

oh sorry is it fixed?

I think so

“Have” to do it?
That looks like it might be a little difficult.

I thought it looked cool and not too hard.

Well, the sidecap part or whatever you want to call it looks like it has to be somewhat well done to make it work.

not with hot glue. all he uses is a cd case 2 leds hot glue and a watch battery. or something like a watch battery. I mean if you hot glue it. it won’t last long but. it’ll be long enough and I’d imagine if you do it to a metal yoyo it won’t hurt it and you can just pop it out.

But the Shinwoo kit is only a buck or two. I LOVE DIY, but in this case I think buying all the Shinwoo is the way to go. :wink:

probably. other then this stuff is probably laying around your house. amd diy is very fun

I agree with you. That’s one of the spirits of DIY. For me, besides fun (sometimes it is not fun at all, lol), it is the pride and learning process. But I will try Shinwoo kit if I were you ;D (and if you can get the kit easily).