LF:A yoyo that i can use for light shows at raves

A yoyo i can use to do light shows a pro yoyo with LEDS in them like this

Can some one do that for me please message me can some one just make some caps for me message me and ill tell for what yoyo please or if u have it it’d be better cause u can get the measure menus yourself

Well, those instructions look pretty complete. Do it yourself…

barring that, try this:

Or this:

You probably won’t find anyone able to make one cheaper for you.

To add to the effect, you could use some glow in the dark or neon colored string :). I’m sure raves should have some black lights. Blue LED lights help a lot with the neon colors. Anything polyester should glow under a blacklight, especially white or neons.

Sorry, at a hotel with crap-tastic wi-fi. Video might take until my vacation is over before it loads.

Fast list:

Glowing will be a YYF Starbright or DieNasty.

LED Light-up(stock):
Duncan FHZ- Pulse
Pulse loopers.

Other choices:
Yoyo compatible with the Shinwoo LED kit.
Glow-sticks that can be crammed/wedged/inserted into your yoyo.

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ok thanks but i would really like someone to do this caps for me if they could :-\


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what yo-yos will this work for ???

Over thing you could do is get a metal yyj with caps like the phenom and find clear caps that fit it and put the light kit under the caps. I’m nit sure how easy it would be to find clear phenom caps but out would work no mods required. Out you could cut caps like in the video.