I want a yoyo that is under 80 that is good or best in 1a/5a/horizontal, mid to full sized, v shape or slight h shape, great on grinds,can finger spin or not

A genesis sounds great for you! I would try to get a used one, as they would be 60-70$ mint and smooth for a usa one. Just like the supernova, I dont like the 2012 genesis, but some PREFER it. Also, the Catalyst is very good, and the delrin severe looks pretty cool, although that I have not played.

Unless you dont like the look for some reaosn, I would DEFINITETLY get a genesis. 2012 or not is your choice. ANd remember, 80$ can go a long way on the BST.

The Xconvict Pro is V shaped, great for horizontal. Can’t grind great tho. 55

The yoyo for you is the Duncan Metropolis, it is V shaped, can grind great (being metal), long spin times ect. But it CAN’T do Thumb grinds unless it is horizontal.

Capless. It’s $65, full sized, plays great, is a V shape, and is a somewhat good grinder.