try a wire cutter and put it to a size the can fit a c bearing then put it the closes you can to the base the squeeze circular motion is always helpful

I did it!!! Yeah!
But I broke the bearing.

do all their yoyo’s have that problem?

All there metals.

i thought only the plastics cause my hot and supernova can be taken out with little to no hassle with my index and thumb yet my proto and gm2 need were cutters is the bearing seat issue a defect or on purpoe?

Yes, the plastic yoyos from YYF do not have this issue. The metals are purposely designed to have a tight bearing seat according to YYF Ben.

Many do. I’m lucky, the ones I have aren’t that bad. Some are worse than others. Some have a reputation for it being especially bad.

I’ve been pretty lucky with most of my yyf, but there’s one yuuksta I’ll never forget. First, it was nigh impossible to unscrew. I try everything. wd40, an allen wrench on the axle, those silicone grip things, but to no avail. I send it back to the store I bought it from, and they were (somehow) able to separate it. But when I got it back, I discovered the bearing was then stuck. After sticking it in the freezer, wiggling, tugging, using a removal tool, using the string trick, grabbing it with a kungfu grip on my pliers, nothing worked. Returned it to bob’s bait and tackle again (I actually don’t remember what store I bought it from) and they tried to cut the bearing open and remove it. They were able to remove the outter ring, but the inner one was still stuck on it. They returned it to me, busted bearing and all. So I sent it to yyf, and they couldn’t even remove it. They ended up giving me a new yuuksta, plus a multi tool, fast holder, and stickers for free with it.

Congrats on getting your bearing out, even if it did mean destroying it. What I would recommend is filing down the inner track the bearing goes on just a hair.

No problem on my dv888 or my northstar. The one on the dv888 is a bit stubborn but i like it like that

That’s nothing compared to the effort required to remove a yyf spacer. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of wiggles to remove the tightest of YYF bearings with the removal tool with my experiences.

To get the bearing off of the spacer is five minutes with a butter knife. Out of the bearing seat is thirty minutes with a multi tool.

for me, it took almost 6 months. Woah! :wink: