I’m doing a project for school, and i really want to know when was the trick walk the dog made. If you know, please tell me. thanks.

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Unfortunatly I doubt anyone can answer this for certain. Some tricks are so old that we don’t know who invented them, when they were invented, or even if the names have changed over time.


It probably dates back to at least the 1920s. That is when the yoyo was first popularized in the U.S. by Pedro Flores. Walk the Dog was very likely one of the tricks he used to demonstrate the product. Harvey Lowe, a famous early demonstrator who won the World YoYo Contest in 1932, has said in interviews that Walk the Dog was one of the biggest tricks people wanted to learn when he was demonstrating.

Flores is sometimes credited with inventing the sleeping yoyo (having the string loop around the axle instead of tied to it), in which case it would be likely he invented the trick himself sometime in the 1920s. That claim might not be accurate, though. The claim that Flores invented the modern string setup might come from comparing his design to previous similar American toys or from a misunderstanding about the Filipino history of the toy (such as the weapon myth). In any case, I’ve never seen the claim sourced to anything reliable, so it’s possible the sleeping yoyo Flores marketed was the same thing that he remembered from the Philippines and that the trick existed well before Flores. He (or at least one of his contemporary demonstrators) would probably be the latest possible source of it, but beyond that, like skitrz says, there’s probably no way to know the details for certain.


This really should be in help/recommendation. You both where spot on though, there is no telling when or who invented it, because anyone who has picked up a yoyo and played with it for more than 5 minutes is probably going to put it on the floor and watch it roll. The popularization of this trick and thus the naming probably came with a Duncan trick book, or on the back of a Duncan yoyo package as a trick next to the sleeper or something to that caliber.