I made an offer for a cheif. A mint code 2 and x cubed stampede for a cheif. Then he said he wants 25$ added cuz I dont have the boxes. The cheif isnt even mint, he claims its “far from mint”. Now hes telling me he wont ship at the same tiime (tomorrow) And i have more feedback than him. What should I do???

It’s the rules of the BST that the person with less feedback ships first. I also don’t think boxes are worth $25…

They are definitely not worth $25.

Did you already ship?

I’d walk away with a no deal

Run from this deal. Shipping should cost no more than $8 WITH the box for Priority Mail AND delivery confirmation.

Something is horribly wrong in this situation. I’d avoid this one completely.

Walk away. The other party in this trade obviously has no trade ethics. He’s trying to take advantage of you, thinking you don’t know any better. I’m glad you asked in advance.

You can get a Chief in much better condition for that deal, without having to add cash. Chiefs aren’t exactly rare…they shouldn’t be fetching ridiculous trades.

It’s more of an UNwritten rule actually. I’ve shipped first before even though I had like 5+ more feedback than the other guy. People have done the same for me. It’s kind of an unspoken rule though.

It’s ridiculous that people hold chiefs at such a high value. I tried a chief and wasn’t all that impressed.