A BST problem

So this one guy on another forum offered to sell me a gold rim dipped skyline, knowing I was looking to obtain one. We work out a price and he says he will ship the next day. This was two days ago. He keeps saying that he will send me pics, but he doesn’t. He still hasn’t shipped. Any suggestions? I really do not want to deal,with this right now. Do I just call off the trade?

Sometimes things come up that prevent people from being in contact. Wait a few more days, and then see what happens.

Its summer, people are really busy. Give it a few more days, and if the guy doesnt respond, call it off.

I know how you feel, i’ve been waiting for icthus to finish modding my yoyo for about 3 months… If you haven’t paid yet, just wait, and if he doesn’t send it, he doesn’t send it.

Yep, if you haven’t paid for it, wait and see what happens. If he doesn’t get back to you, just walk away.

Well the problem is he is responding. He keeps pm’ing me he is going to send the pics when I ask for them, and he says that every day. But I still haven’t gotten any pics

Sounds like it’s in his court. Don’t send him any $$ at this point.