Okay so I have a problem my sister is learning to yoyo so… I wanna get her a good yoyo intermediate to advance. She likes metal and dislike the north star >.> and she doesn’t mind metal/plastic hybrids. It needs to have a long stable spin time, wide gap, something good for grinds, and she wants it metal, and it should be priced under $75… she is using my friends dingo right now and I have a DV888 that I use and a north star besides that and she wont use the north star. any suggestions???

thanks guys :slight_smile:

“Hitman Pro is the way to go”

get her a metal drifter

Raptor metal and for 40 dollars :wink:

cool :slight_smile: I think she’s leaning toward the Hitman Pro right now any others?

Dv888 is very good for it’s price and cam go all the way to masters. duncan raptor, from what I have heard, plays just as well and is slightly cheaper. Dark magic 2 is a very good yoyo to learn with and is amazing.

There is the POPStar but I don’t know if she likes undersized but it is an option.

I don’t know, the popstar is really fun, but is to hard to learn on I would think.

POPstar is harder to land tricks especially when she’s intermediate.\

And Raptor is the FULL way to go. It is very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps for different weight and feel, has 2 extra pairs of silicone pads (3 in total), comes in many colors and is great for grinding.

Dv888 is great too but people claim to say that Raptor is smoother etc. Neither are a bad choice. But I choose Raptor.

The above ^^, would be what I would recomend her the most. Because I don’t think she’s suitable for a 75$ yoyo yet.

Yeah I wasn’t saying it was the best just adding it to the list of the yoyos that met the criteria she had.

I think Hitman Pro is good has rounded butterfly shape, smooth and fast, but Try not to hit it to a floor or concrete hard because it can make a gap between the metal and plastic

okay thanks guys! I think she is going to get a blue or green raptor xD and then later on a purple dingo xD xP but we’ll see maybe she’ll change her mind after seeing who uses what at worlds :slight_smile:

The hitman pro is a terrible grinder, and might crack during temperature changes (around the solid spin axle). For $75 get a clyw campfire.

Bi-metals or plastic with metal ringed yoyos will only crack if there is a huge drop of temperature within seconds.

and the hitman is great at grinding it is built to grind thats why it has alot of metal rim

for 40 bucks i would get a raptor insted of a bimetal

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So then they crack by themselves? I’m preyty sure i never banged my hm on the hub especially with the huge rims in the way.

You can crack any yoyo with force. But Bi-Metals or plastic yoyo’s with metal weight rings will also crack in a sudden temperature change.

Never, ever, crank yo-yos, and does -10 then walking into a 20 degree room count as sudden?

Well, ask jhb8426. He knows about this temperature change theory. I think that is pretty sudden.

But you know, like the science experiment in my school, where we put a metal ball into the ring and it fits. But put it over fire for 2 minutes and stick it in the ring, it wont.

The stories of bi-metals breaking are like playing in the snowy winter outdoors then going inside and putting it on a hot heater.

It doesn’t really matter though, as I think the OP wont go into such temperature changes.

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