guys i want to buy lube but i cant vuy from website becoz i don’t have credit card so can u tell me any other lube or any other oil which i can use for my yo yo.
in my country there is no yo yo jam or yo yo factory store so plz suggest me what should i use.
plzz its urgent becoz my yo yo is making noise.


3 in 1 machine lube works good


You can go to the internet and buy thin or thick lube for yoyos.

Happy Throwing! =]


You dont need a credit card, there are several ways to order.

I use clipper oil, but trumpet valve oil, 3 in 1 oil, and sewing machine oil works too


Wow! Trumpet valve oil works? Really? I should try that out some time. How well does it work? How much do you put on?


Just a small amount.

Have Fun Throwing,