HELP-Yoyo Lube

Hi, ok, so i just ordered my lube for DM and was wondering if Household Oil would work as a lube, or if not that any other ideas?! Please respond soon!!!

It depends what kind of Household Oil you mean. I’ve heard that you can use Trumpet Valve oil, 3 in 1 oil, and sewing machine oil as an alternative, though.

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I use clipper oil. Works perfectly fine

here is a list of oils that will work fine for your yoyo. canola oil, baby oil, Pam cooking spray, 3-in-1 machine oil, clipper oil, and of course yo yo company related lubes like yoyojam, Duncan ,yomega and so on. later and keep it spinning.

What is the thinnest.

Probably thin lube from yoyojam, or anything that has the same density as water.

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Ive used some House oil an it works fine but lube is a bit better :wink:

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well i used trumpet valve oil and i think it worked well. i thought 3 in 1 was a thick lube though.

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as far as this (oils) go i would say yea all those alternative oils work but if you have the $3 or what ever for lube then get it, its made for yoyos so theres no worry if it will mess up your yoyo or not.

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