I got a new duncan hyabusa and it always slowsdown majorly when doing string tricks. I put in the biger spacers but that still didn’t work >:(. Advice needed

lol sorry but duncan hayAbusas are for Offstring not for string tricks…

You should use thin lube for it.
Ps:The Hayabusa is not a good yoyo for string tricks.

Do you put in any of the friction stickers that came with it? Too much friction by using the stickers will slow it reeeaally fast. If you don’t have stickers in it, I would try putting the bearing on the tip of a pencil and spinning it. If it doesn’t spin at least 5 seconds freely, then I’d wash or lube the bearing with thin lube.

Yes, guys, the hayabusa can be used for string play. It may be more explicitly made for offstring, but it can and play pretty well for regular yoyoing. It takes some figuring out what setup works though. I would try a thin and fat spacer with no stickers to play unresponsive. If you use two thin spacers it should make it responsive. If you want to use stickers and want it unresponsive use the two biggest spacers, with only the silicone stickers, and maybe only try one in it first.

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