Can a Duncan Hayabusa be Modded for 1A String Tricks?

Hey All, i have a curious and yet i feel kinda stupid question: Can a Duncan Hayabusa be used for 1A String tricks? my thought was you could just get string that doesnt come off, but i just wanna be 100% sure. stupid i know, but i figured ask lol

That would just be looping the string around the bearing. And even if, it would be responsive, but yes you could do that.

If I could do any real mod to it I would make a silicone recess or recess an spr into it. I would need a lathe to do that accurately, but I don’t have one :frowning:

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Use the widest spacer setup available, clean the bearing, and probably remove one of the response sticker if it has one. It will be playable, just don’t expect much.