Hayabusa won't bind

Does it need respones pads? Friction stickers? Or are the 3 holes the response system? Because if the 3 holes are the response system, I have some serious offstring binding problems.

I dont own a Hayabusa but from what i read about it on YYE maybe silicone stickers or are the holes supposed to filled with something? idk srry

I had 2 and that us just so you can do what you want. If you are a beginner at offstring then I would put friction stickers in it. If you are fairly good then I would advise you to get silicone stickers, and if you are very good I would either recess and silicone it yourself or buy a fiesta XX. My Hayabusa was good for me until I needed it to do more advanced tricks. Just like all yoyos though it does need some response in order for you to bind.

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i’m a beginner so i’m gonna get friction stickers. what size should i get for it?

It just takes practice. The 3 holes are the response. Oh and don’t clean the bearing. That will help. Just keep at it. I have a new busa too and it binds just fine after learning it the right way. Direction of spin is also a big factor in 4a binding.

do you think thick lube would help? and do you think it will be hard to learn offstring with the 3 hole response?

. When I first got mine I jumped right in trying to play it without any response ad no I do not think you can learn without response even pros would have trouble. As for the stickers I believe all of duncans are the same siza but mine came with the friction stickers and silicone stickers but I bought mine almost 2 years ago at Ohio sates.

I’m no pro and I got it down in a day or so. It doesn’t need stickers at all. It will bind. Just keep at it. You can put a sticker in it but I didn’t and have no problems.

well you know how with 1a you can have a trapeze/bind position and roll it to double on but you miss the string? i can roll the Hayabusa like that 4 times and it still wont bind. whatever. i was never really that interested in offstring anyway

It’s seriously all in the technique. It may help if you wrap the string around the bearing before you throw it upwards to perform the bind. The other thing is to make sure not to throw it too hard when you’re trying to bind because the string will unwrap. Don’t let this kill your desire to learn 4A – you’ll miss out on some pretty fun stuff.

maybe your just binding wrong.from my experiance i always bind an offstring yoyo different from how i bind a 1a yoyo.either that or you should try new response i put a silicone recess in my friends hayabusa and he said it binds better than ever

Are you using the wide spacers?
If you are, then for sure, the hayabusa wont bind.
If using no extra response, use the two thin spacers, you will find that the binds will be much better.


A lot of off-strings use the tight gap response, the fiesta and fiesta xx both use this response system. It just takes practice, work on getting a more aggressive bind or learn how to do fake binds if your uncomfortable with the way you are currently doing it. I personnaly do a combination of the fake bind and the bind that Andre teaches, but I know that a lot of people don’t.

Just find what works for you.

i dont know which spacers they are cuz i got it from the secret santa

What colour are they?


They are the thick ones

Silver are the thin ones. The thick ones are bronze.

I know and I am pretty sure I shipped thick ones which is why I said that.

Get a parts kit and put in one silver spacer and one of the thin gold ones.