hayabusa spin time

my hayabusa isnt spinning long and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions

Maybe try o replace the friction stickers, or maybe silicone stickers, or maybe get a new bearing, and that should help. Is there anything strange about it?

Work on your throw, whether your doing 4a or not with it.

Kepp usin it and the bearing will eventually break in. Also silicone stickers don’t help with spin time IMO, it helps with reducing repsonse and snagging. And you can do what Ape said

If youre doing 4a remove the pads completely

Then you won’t be able to bind.

Yes he will. I don’t think pads are meant to be in the Hayabusa if you’re using it for 4a or 1a. They come with it just because they come with all Duncans.

If pads are in, take them out. If not, work on your throw. If you’re doing 4a, you don’t even have to catch it. Just throw it up and snap your wrist as hard as you can, then with your non-throwhand, pull down on the string to get it spinning even faster. Then, once you have it spinning really fast on every throw, you can start to work on catching it on the string.

I tried 4A on a Hayabusa without the friction stickers, and I have a good throw, and it was immpossible to bind back up. I swear, it’s true.

Uh no? The recessed triad is the response when you run the 'busa padless. Either you had the wide spacers in or you are new to 4a… I think we should know, we dont have pads in ours and we’re fine…

I run my Busa padless and I can bind it up and it spins just long enough to do a couple of tricks.

Work on your throw and break in the bearing.

Aquarius don’t have anything for response and it snags like a mofo -_-