Best Response Set Up For A Duncan Freehand Zero and a Duncan Hayabusa?

I’m getting a Freehand Zero Glitter on Friday as well as a Hayabusa (I believe it’s the standard one not SL) what’s the best response configuration for these two throws?

I heard the pads wear down like nothing, is this true? Are there any alternative pads that will at least last a bit?

Chaz pads for FHZ. No pads for Hayabusa.

How do I put the spacers in both of these YoYos?

I’ve never gotten any additional spacers and was wondering how I do that… ::slight_smile: ???

First you have to buy a spacer kit.
then you take the yoyo apart and change them out. Easy as that really.
I wouldn’t do anything to the busa though. It’s made for offstring and the gap they have is perfect for that.

The gap is really small, is that ideal for offstring? Just starting out in offstring play and offhand, not really sure about it.

You need a slightly more responsive yo-yo for offstring.

Yes that gap on the busa is a really good width. No need for it to be wider. Especially if you are just starting.

I prefer a single slightly worn Duncan silicone pad and two thick spacers for my FH2’s. I’d imagine that would work about the same for a FHZ. Oh, and if you want good, unresponsive play, then clean the bearings and play with it dry. From my experience, even tiny amounts of thin lube can make the bearings slightly responsive.

I find the spin time on the FHZ to be kind of lacking compared to some other yoyos I’ve boughten of the same price.

Will changing the bearing make it spin longer? Also how easy is it to change it from friction stickers to silicone?

The Hayabusa is fine the way it is but I just want the FHZ to be a little better.

Make sure that when you put in the spacers, the raised part is facing outwards towards the bearing. For a FHZ, I would suggest either 2 chaz pads or 1 kentaro pad. Hyabusa’s play very well stock with their tapered gap response.