hayabusa setup


HI guys just wondering how you setup your hayabusa for offstring. I’v got one coming in a few days. I’ve been 4a ing with a big yo and I’m trying to step down in size so I can get more accurate with my whips and such. But anyway, any input about this yoyo will help me out

thanks in advance JJ

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Play it stock. Don’t even bother putting the pads in, it plays perfectly without them. I’d use the narrow spacers because the wide ones make it launch foward and the binds get slippy.


sweet! I’ve never heard of playing one without the pads but I’ll give it a try anyway.Thanks


They were designed to play without pads for offstring.


aahhh I see. This know I did not :slight_smile:


Yeah busas, are best withough pads. Just make sure you use one large spacer one small spacer.
Never 2 large spacers though, as this will not allow you to bind without some pads.


boy am I glad I posted posted this thread!!! I would have just thrown some pads in there and I probably would have ended up all frustrated >:(. That’s why I like these forums!!! ;D


That’s how mine came the other day. One large and one small spacer and no pads. I played with the setup and eventually went back to the stock setup. it works the best. I’m new to 4a and I have a fiesta, equinox, and a cheap yomega exedus II. But the busa is a lot harder for me I’m very frustrated at it. I have a heck of a time binding it.


OH MAN I have a exodus II and it sucks!! I usually like yomega products but this one did’nt make it in my book. It started cracking after about 2 weeks of play, it’s very snaggy, and the rubber rims totally grip any surface it lands on therefore sending the yoyo shooting away from you. I haven’t tried any of the other 4a throws you have listed, but i realy want to.


Let’s try to stay on topic here please. :slight_smile:

BTW, to the OP, for what it’s worth I’d just get a Fiesta or Equinox instead of a Hayabusa.
Just better overall in my opinion. But if you think you’d really like the Hayabusa more than go for it.