help yyj pinnacle went responsive

i have gotten a pinnacle from a trade it came with a slim bearing and had one sili pad, so i change the bearing to a center trac and silicone it then it went responsive, i did my silicone job good and the the bearing was dry. so please help me

Well, after most silliconed jobs the yoyo will go responsive since the sillicone is so close to the bearing.

Also look for hair bumps nicks spikes or anything els unusual in the bearing seat.

And finally, make SURE that your bearing is clean and you used a PIN HEAD amount of thin lube.

O, and if the bearing seat is dirty or something is in it, use some rubbing alcohol on a Que-tip, and clean the bearing seat thoroughly.

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;D thank you

Always trying to help out. PM or post if you fix it.

Your silicone job probably wasn’t up to snuff.