Help with string


so im trying to learn alternate binds and I’m using the below " Amazing Binds " video. Im having trouble with my string, it looks like the string in the video is thicker and holds shape better … any idea what type he is using?

Right now im learning on a Velocity until my Code 2 comes in … I have EXPERT STRINGS on it now …


The thickness shouldn’t matter. The shape will come with time. The more fluid the trick, the more you will be able to show the whips and slacks. But, maybe try a type 8 string or a different manufacturer? Some string is defiantly better than others.


Personally I don’t think the expert string is good for whips/slacks, but any string should get you to be able to do those tricks. Just practice


It’s difficult to say what kind of string he is using - but thick string definitely makes binds easier.

If you’re interested in some string that will make fancy binds super easy, check out Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. Thick Diamond strings. They’re thick, super soft, and hold really nice big loops.