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just a quick question just got back into yo-yos after 16 years and i see all the tricks and yo-yos have changed so I’m really into the 1a style of yoyo play and i would like to know is it more important to learn and work on my binds and all the mounts before trying to learn tricks and if anybody can show me some videos of different binds that would be great also would are some good strings for whips and slack tricks I’m liking tricks with those thanks for the help guys

Well, weather to practice mounts or tricks I say tricks. what I did is just keep climbing up in the tricks videos on here, till I get stuck on one, then try and perfect that. When I know im gonna be done for the day, I try to do all the ones I learned that day before wrapping up. If you just try and get the tricks down, mounts will just come to you. On the binds part, I just picked up different binds through extermination, but there is a video on here that shows you the basic bind. I think through just practicing you’ll get the hang of it. And slacks and whips, I use ammo and venom mostly because they work really well and soft to the touch and easiest to get. You can try and get either I think it’s caribou lounge or CTLY or whatever its called, they have some good string too but people usually always buy it quick and in bulk. Same with toxic, really good but sells quick.
I hope that answers your questions, and what yoyo are you using to get back into yo-yoing?

lseda, you quoted me and then said nothing. XP Just an fyi

He said “I’m using a YOYO factory shutter love it but being a noob it has hit the floor a few times lol” afterwards… Its hard to see because of the mass of blue :O…

Lol sorry about that

no worries! I still drop my yoyos a lot. XP Shutter is a good yoyo, it’ll get you I think even through the masters and mobious tricks so that’s a good one to use.

Just have a look through some of these different videos. Slusny has some great ones on different binds but some of them might be a bit advanced at this stage:

Whilst I’m sure you’ve already found your way to the learn part of the site, I’m going to direct your attention there just in case:

Just start from the beginning and try and work your way through.

It’s always somewhat handy to learn to bind relatively quickly just so you don’t have to keep on winding the yoyo up. I didn’t learn to bind right away so I’d just throw until the yoyo died out and would have wind it up each time. It got a lot easier once I learned to bind and restart a yoyo. :slight_smile:

String wise, anything slick and/or whippy should be a good place to start. Here are a few good options (that are currently in stock):

Venom is a great string. Whips and slacks really well but without being overly rough like some slicker strings. It has a great combination of comfort and play and is, in my humble opinions, one of the best strings on the market at the moment.

Ammo is the thicker, softer brother of Venom. It doesn’t whip or slack quite as fast, but it still does both rather well whilst being more comfortable than Venom.

(There are other options of course, but these are 2 of my personal favourites.)

Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t need boutique strings to whip or slack well, 99% of strings on the market will be good enough for most people. However, some of these specialised strings do whip and slack slightly better than cheaper alternatives, so if you think that it’s something that you might benefit from, then pick up a bunch and give them a try. :slight_smile:

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